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Yamaha VF225 VMAX SHO

VF225 VMAX SHO.jpg

Yamaha VF225 VMAX SHO

Fast, light and fuel efficient

With class-leading 4.2 litres of displacement and game-changing Super High Output four-stroke outboard technology, Yamaha’s new VMAX SHO has absolutely unbelievable hole shot and acceleration with equally-impressive top speed. Use of plasma fused sleeves and the latest composite materials have made these engines super light weight. In fact no production V6 outboard of equivalent horsepower four stroke or two stroke is lighter. It provides astounding power and performance, complete with Yamaha’s signature four stroke smoothness, convenience, and reliability. The Yamaha VMAX SHO represents the absolute leading edge in high-performance outboard technology, purpose-designed and built as the ideal outboard power plant for your recreational boat.

Engine Type: Four stroke, 24-Valve, DOHC, Direct Action V6 60°

Displacement: 4169.0 cc

Bore x Stroke: 96 x 96 mm

Recommended Max RPM: 5000-6000

Lubrication System: Wet-sump

Fuel Management: EFI

Ignition: TCI

Starter System: Electric

Alternator Output: 12V - 50A with Rectifier Regulator

Operation Method: Remote control

Trim & Tilt Method: Power trim & tilt

Digital Gauges: Optional

Digital Network Gauges with Fuel Management: Optional

Gear Ratio: 1.75 : 1

EDA Emission Rating: 3/4


  • VF225LA : 508 mm (20 in)


  • VF225LA : 229 kg