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Stahbicraft 1410.png

Stabicraft 1410 explorer

Popular, with raised Wing Style Coamings, the 1410 Explorer is designed to be a safe, low maintenance option for small boat buyers. As with all Stabicraft, the 1410 Explorer is built to exacting standards by staff with a passion for excellence. Easily towed and handled, weighing from as little as 145kg.

1410 frontier.png

stabicraft 1410 frontier

With its shallow draft and fantastic stability the 1410 Frontier is a popular hull for inshore and lake fishermen. Popular with raised Wing Style Coamings and transom, this hull gives confidence well above expectations.


Stabicraft 1550 Fisher

Stabicraft's biggest selling model ever, the 1550 Fisher redefined compact vessel performance and versatility when it was released in late 2016.

As compact boats go, the Stabicraft 1550 Fisher is about as complete as a package gets.

1550 Frontier.jpg

stabicraft 1550 frontier

The 1550 Frontier is a dedicated fishing platform borne out of the collaboration between Matt Watson and Stabicraft. In Matt's own words "I wanted to pack and 8m boat into a 5m boat" and the 1550 Frontier does not disappoint.


Stabicraft 1850 Fisher

Perfect for offshore adventures and family boating, the 1850 Fisher offers the ideal combination of safety, style and usability. With an optional rod and canopy arch this 18.5 foot fisher gives you the size and stability of a Supercab all while fitting in your garage at an affordable price.

supercab 1850 X1.jpg

Stabicraft 1850 Supercab X1

The 1850 Supercab X1 is our new entry Supercab boat competitively priced to meet market demand for a well-featured 'all-rounder' vessel.

1850 supercab.jpg

stabicraft 1850 supercab

Designed to meet market demand for a small, light, trailer-friendly, all-weather boat. The Stabicraft Supercab 1850 aluminium chambered boat defies its size to perform above its class.

1850 frontier.png

stabicraft 1850 frontier

Based off the highly capable 1850 Supercab and featuring many of the same innovations that have redefined small boat performance, the 1850 Frontier is the perfect companion for offshore fishing.

supercab 2050.png

stabicraft 2050 supercab

The big brother to the 1850 Supercab, the 2050 Supercab has a longer deck and cabin than the 1850 version making longer trips and time on the water much more comfortable.

2050 frontier.png

stabicraft 2050 frontier nt

With a large casting platform (available in 2 sizes), rear mounted centre console and seating the 2050 Frontier NT has maximised deck space for fishing, transporting gear or both!


Stabicraft 2100 supercab

Designed with the serious fisherman and explorer in mind. The Stabicraft 2100 Supercab is our ‘compact large boat’. Half a foot longer than the 2050 Supercab but with 150mm more internal beam.

2100 frontier.jpg

stabicraft 2100 frontier

Based off the highly capable 2100 Supercab hull and featuring many of the same innovations that have made this mid-size range so popular the 2100 Frontier embodies what a true centre console should be.


Stabicraft 2250 centrecab

With a base 2250 hull that can hold its own in big water and adventure action, the four package configurations give you the ability to choose your perfect rig.

2250 ultra centrecab.jpg

stabicraft 2250 ultra centrecab

With a base 2250 hull that can hold its own in big water and adventure action, the four package configurations give you the ability to choose your perfect rig.

stabicraft 2400 supercab.jpg

stabicraft 2400 supercab

The big brother to the Stabicraft 2100 Supercab with an extra 3 feet of length gives a lot of additional space and options to make your blue-water experience or overnighting much easier and more comfortable.

2500 ultracab.jpg

Stabicraft 2500 ultracab

The 2500 Ultracab is a modern, innovative approach to the forward raking windscreens commonly found on traditional Pilothouse models. It sits on a proven 2.5m (101") beam hull and has a great, equal split sized deck and cabin area allowing you to adventure offshore in comfort.

2500 ultracab XL.jpg

stabicraft 2500 ultracab xl

The 2500 Ultracab incorporates a unique aesthetic that is unmistakably Stabicraft whilst housing multiple interior design innovations to suit multiple boating platforms.

2750 centrecab.jpg

stabicraft 2750 centrecab

The 2750 is Stabicraft's first Centrecab model. It has a wide walk-around the main cabin up to the forward deck giving the 2750 a fully utilised fishing deck.

2750 ultracentrecab X1.jpg

stabicraft 2750 ultra centrecab XL

With lean-forward glass and immense cabin space accompanied by 360 degrees of access to every usable space, the 2750 Ultra Centrecab XL is a serious aluminium offshore beast.